Utilizing GIS for a Critical Mapping of Urban Activism in İstanbul in the 1960s

Utilizing GIS for a Critical Mapping of Urban Activism in İstanbul in the 1960s

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Focusing on the social activist movements that took place in the historic urban areas of İstanbul during the 1960s, the main aim of the paper is to understand how urban heritage is related to social activism. Adapting digital humanities approach, the paper will first present a critical mapping of the historic spaces of urban activism and followingly, it will investigate how these historic urban spaces are managed from a heritage perspective.
During the 1960s, as urban conservation became institutionalized internationally through post war developments, many European countries (i.e. France, Italy, England, Germany, etc.) witnessed the rise of social movements. Also, in Turkey, after the 1960 coup d’etat, a new constitution was written formulating the state as a ‘social state’ and generating a liberated space for social movements. Accordingly, workers, students, and women’s movements raised especially in the multicultural urban context of İstanbul. In the very same period, also in the urban conservation field there were developments to acknowledge not buildings, but urban areas as cultural heritage. Moreover, international standards were also simultaneously adopted to the Turkey context. Focusing on these two seemingly irrelevant parallel fields (that are urban conservation and social movements), the paper investigates the link through georeferencing the heritage sites (official listings) and embedding it with data regarding urban activism (through the journals of the period). Through such visualisation, the paper will manifest the impact of social movements in the decisions regarding urban conservation.

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Mesut Dinler

Politecnico di Torino

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Mesut Dinler

Politecnico di Torino

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10. Urban analytics and city design

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